Maximizing Efficiency in Lab Relocation Strategies
Shannon Robichaud, MS
Sr. Project Manager, Technical Operations

Meet Shannon Robichaud, a Senior Project Manager at Sequoia Biotech Consulting. With over 18 years of experience in the life sciences and biotechnology sectors, Shannon’s expertise spans research, laboratory, and facility operations, making her an invaluable asset to Sequoia’s Technical Operations team.

With a focus on project management, operations, compliance, and risk management, Shannon plays a pivotal role in supporting life science companies, particularly in lab facility expansion, relocation, and renovation projects.

Shannon’s leadership, strategic acumen, and talent for cultivating effective cross-functional collaboration are evident in her ability to navigate complex dependencies and ensure seamless execution of lab relocation projects while upholding industry and safety regulations.

At Sequoia Biotech Consulting, Shannon and our highly skilled Technical Operations team bring decades of experience in developing and executing complex laboratory relocation strategies for regulated facilities. Leveraging our cross-functional expertise across technical project management, quality and compliance, CQV, and operational excellence, our primary goal is to facilitate a smooth and efficient transfer of equipment, materials, and operations while minimizing disruptions and preserving research continuity for our clients.

When asked about key lessons learned from laboratory relocation projects she has managed and the critical factors for a successful relocation strategy, Shannon shared the following insights:

“Thorough planning is critical. When relocating, it’s vital for teams to develop a comprehensive and phased plan that covers key aspects, such as what equipment needs to be moved, reasonable timelines, key stakeholders, and important regulatory and safety considerations. Additionally, having contingency plans in place for unexpected issues can help minimize disruptions, equipment failures, and help relocation teams more effectively manage risks so that the project meets milestone accordingly. Thinking beyond the physical move aspect, relocations also provide valuable opportunity to integrate positive change management, thus resulting in stronger sustained organizational growth and development in the post-relocation phase.”

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