Maximizing Efficiency in Lab Relocation Strategies
Jasmina Xie
Sr. Project Manager | Construction Manager, Technical Operations

Introducing Jasmina Xie, a Sr. Project Manager and Construction Manager at Sequoia Biotech Consulting. With a wealth of expertise spanning technical project management, technology transfer, process engineering, validation, and construction management, Jasmina has a proven track record of developing and executing strategic lab relocations for Sequoia’s life science partners.

Jasmina excels in leading teams, navigating cross-functional dependencies, and effectively communicating across diverse functional groups and stakeholders. Her ability to develop creative solutions to meet the evolving needs of Sequoia’s clients, along with her project management expertise, attention to detail, and deep knowledge of industry regulations, ensures the seamless execution of projects under her supervision.

At Sequoia Biotech Consulting, Jasmina and our highly skilled Technical Operations team bring decades of experience in developing and executing complex laboratory relocation strategies for regulated facilities. Leveraging our cross-functional expertise across technical project management, quality and compliance, commissioning, qualification, and validation (CQV), as well as operational excellence, our primary goal is to facilitate a smooth and efficient transfer of equipment, materials, and operations while minimizing disruptions and preserving research continuity for our clients.

Our team’s unique approach revolves around developing phase-appropriate, customized solutions that seamlessly integrate with your people, processes, and technology to ensure a seamless transition for your organization.

When asked about key lessons learned from laboratory relocation projects she has managed and the critical factors for a successful relocation strategy, Jasmina shared the following insights:

“Important lessons I’ve learned from managing lab relocations include the need to involve key stakeholders and vendors early in the planning process, as well as selecting an experienced move vendor capable of handling sensitive equipment. Collaborating with the relocation core team to develop a cohesive plan and risk management strategy is crucial and continuous communication across all impacted parties is key to minimizing downtime and maintaining operational productivity.”

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