Maximizing Efficiency in Lab Relocation Strategies
Dan Ramsey, MS
EVP, Technical Operations & Facilities Engineering

Introducing Dan Ramsey, Executive Vice President, overseeing Technical Operations and Facilities Engineering at Sequoia Biotech Consulting. Dan is widely recognized for his ability to cultivate teams with a “can do” mindset, empowering them to tackle the most complex challenges head-on. His extensive background spans plant and energy management, GMP manufacturing facility operations, global leadership in facility expansion initiatives, and directing facilities and engineering for enterprise biopharmaceutical manufacturing organizations. Driven by a passion for overcoming obstacles, Dan thrives on achieving success in situations where others find it impossible. He consistently motivates his team to challenge conventional processes to deliver exceptional outcomes for Sequoia’s clients.

Beyond his successful career, Dan has also made significant contributions to the life sciences and biotechnology community by serving as President and Board Member of the ISPE Boston Chapter. He is also credited as the original founder of both the Boston and international programs for ISPE Emerging Professionals.

Dan and the Technical Operations team at Sequoia bring decades of experience in developing and executing complex laboratory relocation strategies for regulated facilities. Drawing upon their collective expertise in technical project management, GxP compliance, commissioning, qualification, and validation (CQV), as well as operational excellence, Dan’s team ensures a seamless and efficient transition of equipment, materials, and operations. Their primary goal is to minimize downtime and preserve research continuity for Sequoia’s clients.

When asked about key lessons learned from laboratory relocation projects he has managed and the critical factors for a successful relocation strategy, Dan shared the following insights:

“In lab relocation projects, effective risk management and contingency planning are key. This is where our expert team at Sequoia truly excels as problem-solvers, prepared to address any challenges that may arise during these transitions to ensure successful outcomes for our clients… Prioritizing thorough planning and proactive scheduling for instrument recalibration and validation is critical for immediate-use post-relocation and will help with maximizing performance in your new facility.”

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