Maintaining Quality Throughout Your Product Lifecycle
Gregg Sherman, PMP, MSA
Sr. Director, Quality

Introducing Gregg Sherman, Senior Director of Quality at Sequoia Biotech Consulting. With over 25 years of experience, Gregg is an invaluable asset to the Sequoia team, leading our Quality and Compliance division. Known for his unique insights into organizational culture and team dynamics, Gregg leverages his extensive expertise in quality and compliance leadership to oversee the development and management of quality processes and systems for our life science partners.

At Sequoia, Gregg and his team are committed to supporting our clients in developing phase-appropriate quality systems that align with their organizational needs and objectives. They provide guidance in implementing best business practices and process optimization, aiming to foster a culture of quality and compliance across the organization. His team specializes in a broad range of quality-related domains, including deviation and CAPA management, change management, document management and control, risk management, training, quality culture management, and quality audits and assessments. Their goal is to identify right-sized solutions that minimize compliance risks and address systemic deficiencies effectively, ensuring our clients’ operations maintain the highest levels of integrity and reliability.

When asked about key lessons learned from his experience in leading quality system implementation projects and the critical factors for success, Gregg shared the following insights:

“A solid quality system is rooted in strong leadership commitment, prioritizing the adoption of right-size and phase-appropriate quality solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization. Embracing a risk-based approach is key to ensuring success at every stage of your growth journey, enabling your organization to allocate resources and efforts more efficiently and prioritize areas with the highest risk to product quality, safety, and compliance. By proactively identifying and addressing high-risk areas, your teams will be better prepared to prevent quality and compliance issues from happening.”

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