Driving Digital Innovation
Jennifer Kilroy, PhD, MBA
Sr. Director, Strategy & Programs

Meet Jennifer Kilroy, Senior Director of the Strategy & Programs Division at Sequoia Biotech Consulting. With a wealth of experience as a transformation executive, Jennifer specializes in change management and operational excellence across global stakeholder groups including new technologies, research and development, regulatory affairs, human resources, information technology, operations, engineering, sales, and customer service.

Jennifer is recognized for her deep expertise in strategy development, change management, and business excellence methodologies such as business planning, change acceleration, coaching, project management, rapid improvement, lean principles, and statistical problem-solving. As a remarkable leader among our team at Sequoia, she has a proven track record of driving successful transformations for our clients.

In her role at Sequoia Biotech Consulting, Jennifer and her team focus on assisting life science organizations in navigating strategic change initiatives, including digital transformation. They specialize in managing the human aspects of change while simultaneously pursuing operational excellence. By implementing robust change management strategies, they help clients overcome resistance, align stakeholders, and mitigate risks, ensuring smooth adoption of new technologies and processes. Additionally, they collaborate with clients to prioritize operational excellence, facilitating efficiency improvements, enhanced customer experiences, data-driven decision-making, and adaptability in the dynamic digital landscape. Jennifer’s dedication to guiding our clients through these transformational journeys underscores her commitment to fostering innovation and sustainable success in the life sciences industry.

When asked about her enthusiasm for digital transformation initiatives within the realm of life sciences and the guidance she can provide to life science partners in shaping their strategies, she shared the following insights:

“I’m really excited about the innovation gains attainable with AI in the life sciences. The technological shift creates a unique opportunity to rethink how we work, and importantly how AI can work for people to improve patient outcomes. I am fascinated by the applications of AI to aid in the detection of abnormal conditions both in patient imaging and health data, as well as upstream in life science processes.

While the life sciences sector may be behind tech companies in AI adoption, the emerging collaborations between life sciences and data and technology organizations offer promising opportunities to advance human health. Significantly, the new energy unleashed from AI can power organizations to radically review how they operate, what systems they focus on, how people and technology interact, and how organizational learning cycles can be accelerated. Additionally, early development of an AI strategy and policies is imperative for adequately preparing organizations for this technological evolution. This is an area where Sequoia can provide invaluable guidance and support in navigating these transformational initiatives.”

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