Driving Digital Innovation
Candace Farley, Prosci Certified Change Practitioner
Manager, Organizational Development and Change Management

Meet Candace, Manager of Organizational Development and Change Management at Sequoia Biotech Consulting. Candace is a certified change practitioner and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt with over thirteen years of expertise in project and portfolio management, communication, and organizational change management. Her proficiencies also extend to operational excellence and customer service, making her a versatile leader in driving strategic transformation initiatives across diverse functional settings. Candace’s passion lies in innovating business processes and guiding teams through transformative change, evident in her natural ability to influence leaders, managers, and peers towards shared goals and objectives. With a dedicated focus on optimizing workflows and fostering cross-functional collaboration, Candace ensures sustainable, long-term success for Sequoia’s valued clients.

In her role at Sequoia Biotech Consulting, Candace and her team specialize in guiding life science organizations through digital transformations by developing effective change management strategies tailored to the specific needs of their organization. With a people-first approach, they drive successful adoption of new technologies and processes, minimize operational disruptions, align organizational culture with transformation goals, manage stakeholder expectations, and ensure sustained long-term change for their clients.

When asked about her enthusiasm for digital transformation initiatives within the realm of life sciences and the guidance she can provide to life science partners in shaping their strategies, she shared the following insights:

“I’m really excited about the integration of AI within the life sciences sector. This technology has incredible potential to streamline processes, use data to make better decisions, and help organizations innovate more efficiently to stay competitive. It’s important to recognize that a successful AI strategy relies heavily on the people directly involved in the change and assembling an implementation team with the right skills and mindset is key.

It’s also critical to remember that digital transformations, like AI integration, aren’t just one-off projects – they’re ongoing journeys for organizations. This is where effective change management becomes very important in ensuring that your technology investment and the changes implemented continue to deliver value to your organization in the long run by monitoring progress, gathering feedback, and making necessary adjustments along the way.”

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