Driving Digital Innovation
Brian Hockin, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
Director, Business Excellence

Meet Brian Hockin, Director of Business Excellence at Sequoia Biotech Consulting. With over 20 years of industry experience spanning Medical Device, Information Technology, and the U.S. Navy, Brian is a seasoned leader in Quality, Business Process Improvement, and Business Transformation. His expertise lies in leading cross-functional teams to analyze and enhance complex business challenges, coupled with a deep understanding of Quality and Regulatory requirements such as ISO 9001.

Brian is renowned for his proficiency in Lean Six Sigma methodologies, Lean Manufacturing, ISO standards, Operational Excellence, and Project Planning and Execution. As a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and an ISO 9001 and 14001 Lead Auditor, Brian brings a wealth of experience and extensive expertise to the Sequoia team.

At Sequoia Biotech Consulting, Brian and his team are dedicated to supporting Sequoia’s life science partners in integrating business excellence into their strategic objectives and programs, including digital transformation initiatives. Their focus is on helping our clients optimize operations, enhance customer experiences, foster innovation, and facilitate data-driven decisions. By leveraging business excellence frameworks and proven methodologies, Brian and his team strive to ensure efficiency, customer-centricity, agility, and strategic adaptability, ultimately maximizing our clients’ success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

When asked about his enthusiasm for digital transformation initiatives in the life sciences and the guidance he can provide to life science partners in shaping their strategies, Brian shared the following insights:

“I’m really excited to see life science companies integrating digital transformation into their strategic plans. What energizes me most in projects like these is helping my clients understand the capabilities and benefits of integrating new technologies to include process automation and artificial intelligence.

I think it’s important to ensure that teams stay aligned with the overarching objectives of their digital strategy and communicate how it will advance their operations. This helps in fostering change adoption and understanding the rationale behind transitioning from manual to automated processes. I also feel that it is really important to embrace the “ideal process mindset” when implementing a digital transformation. An “ideal state mindset” allows teams to move away from the “we’ve always done it that way” mentality and embrace the full potential of the technology they are implementing”.

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